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1. Deebs M.

Thursday, Feb 15th, 2024 If you have been to Mess in Chennai, this experience & taste was very close. The spice level, salt & sweet was extremely low in the Thalli, hence perfectly suitable for kids, elderly & as everyday meal for adults. I have a sensitive gut, their food was soothing in my stomach! Taste can be enhanced a little bit, but am guessing it's because of the low salt, oil & sweet methods they use to cook. Was here on a Thursday but still there was a lot of rush! Ordered Rose milk & Jiggarthanda as well, but there was no room to eat or drink anything else after tasting their thalli! The Thalli menu is different each day, so it's nice to try it on different days! Can't believe their unlimited thalli is only $13.50

2. Rohan B.

Liked the Paper Masala Dosa (Big big dosa) Tried the Upma (To Quick order to table service! Liked the Upma as well

3. Sireesha P.

Dosa - pretty good Thali - above average but expensive for the items Coffee - yesss Pongal - great

4. Nikhil G.

Excellent food service and speed they are great with dosa and great combos. They also have incredible costs

5. Arvind S.

4 stars only for the Thali and the dishes in it, and specifically for the Sunday Thali. I go here on Sunday's just to have the Potato Fry (spiced, crispy) and the Spinach Kootu. These are my favorite dishes from when I was young and this place does these well, although the spinach kootu can do with a bit more salt for most people. I prefer less salt though. The variety in the thali is not that great (compared to your usual thali), but that is okay, as long as you do the dishes you offer in an unlimited thali well. The Sambar feels a little diluted at times, but is good. Not a lot of drumstick though. I typically do not have the rasam a lot, but I think it's good. I wish they gave curd/yogurt on Sundays over buttermilk. The pineapple kesari is nice. You also get an appalam/papad. They serve potato chips on some other days and I prefer that. You get refills on everything, and I always ask for a second/third cup of the potato fry, and also the spinach kootu, and sambar/kesari at times. The meal leaves me very full and I probably end up skipping dinner that day. This is a heavy carb meal. I've also tried the thali on other days and I'm not as big a fan. They have rotating dishes. Their plaintain/raw banana fry and beetroot are good though, on other days. They serve chow chow kootu on Friday and a potato curry (not fry!), which I think they can make better! I have had all of these dishes through my childhood and judge the food here against that. The rest of their menu, I do not have mostly. Dosas are fine, but not the biggest fan of their chutney and tiffin sambar (I don't think they make a tiffin sambar, it's probably the same as the thali, usually it is supposed to be different). Set Dosa with Vada Curry and and Veechu Parotta are dishes you can try here, they are good, and are not offered by most South Indian restaurants in the area. You'd only get them at Madurai Idli Kadai, which is their sister restaurant. Sundays are very busy, and you'd have a 15-20 minutes wait in peak afternoon times to get a table because of the popularity of the thali. I'd recommend you go in before (11:30-12) or after (130+) the peak to be seated fast. You usually get your food in 10-15 minutes. Make sure you ask for refills when you get the thali itself, and when the servers are walking across, sometimes it might be a difficult to make eye contact. But they're generally pretty quick to refill and always come with extra portions.

6. Pallavi P.

A reliable place for South Indian food, focused on good food and efficient service. If you're looking for a leisurely meal, please find another place! We went by for lunch on a Sunday. There was a wait, and we put our names on a waitlist, which moved through pretty quickly. This place has a dining hall kind of an ambiance, which is focused on a quick turnaround time. They have a pretty limited set of dishes on their menu, but it works to their advantage, since they do those well. They are super efficient with the meal serving and our food was served within minutes. We got the Sunday lunch meal, which had sambar, rasam, rice, buttermilk, veggie varieties, and papad and pickle sides. The veggie varieties change based on the day, so I'd recommend checking the menu for the day if you are looking for a particular dish. The food was good, but I did find it to be at a lower spice level (possibly to cater to those who may prefer less spicy flavors). You can also ask for additional helpings of items if you need more. You can aim to be in/out of this place in under 45 mins from the time you are seated. If you're craving a South Indian thali and want a quick, reasonably priced meal, this is the spot!